DC is giving The Rock more creative control on new DCEU movies

Philip Trahan
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Warner Bros.

According to new reports, Black Adam front man Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is officially an advisor for the DCEU and DC Studios.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson caused quite a stir in the first trailer for Black Adam, which looks to be another gritty take on the Superhero genre.

Johnson himself has shown a lot of agency for the role, playing a major factor in Black Adam not appearing in Shazam.

Now, it seems Johnson is about to have even more influence around the DCEU as recent reports claim the actor is now an “official advisor” to the DCEU and DC Studios.

DC giving The Rock more creative control within the studio

These reports surrounding Johnson’s expanded role came from publication GiantFreakinRobot’s, which reported the news according to a “trusted and proven” source.

The outlet confirmed that Johnson will be an “official ‘advisor’ to the new vision of DC comic book adaptions.”

The report also claimed that Johnson “will be heavily involved” in the direction the DCEU movie franchise will continue along with the future of DC Studios.

In comparison to the MCU, DC Studio’s DCEU has certainly struggled to gain a solid footing with its films over the years.

Warner Bros.
Johnson on the set of Black Adam, showcasing the more serious, gritty take on the Superhero genre.

However, DC stated it has a 10-year plan to rival Marvel’s recent unveiling of the MCU’s next phases.

In fact, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zasla specifically mentioned that the upcoming Black Adam film is a big part of DC Studio’s 10-year plan.

If these reports are indeed true, it seems that Black Adam could serve as a bigger influence to DC’s future than many fans thought, with Johnson himself included in those plans.

Until Warner Bros. or DC Studios officially confirm Johnson’s advisory role, fans will just have to wait and see if the Black Adam star can bolster the DCEU into a true rival to Marvel’s cinematic universe.