Tana Mongeau recreates Monty Lopez’s boxing challenge on TikTok and it’s perfect

Virginia Glaze
tana mongeau mocks monty lopez bizarre boxing match challenge
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Tana Mongeau’s feud with Monty Lopez has taken a hilarious turn after she mocked his infamous boxing challenge toward rapper Yung Gravy, and some Tiktokers are hoping this becomes a new trend.

For those out of the loop, Addison Rae’s dad is beefing with YouTube star Tana Mongeau — and things are truly getting wild.

Rae’s dad, Monty Lopez, was hit with cheating accusations this summer before influencer Renne Ash exposed her relationship with him in several jaw-dropping Instagram posts, claiming he “misled me on his marriage.”

Things heated up after rapper Yung Gravy made some pointed compliments toward Addison’s mom, Sheri Easterling, offering to take her on a date in wake of Lopez’s purported infidelity.

It seems that Monty Lopez wasn’t a fan of this comment and challenged the rapper to a boxing match in a video that had users raising their eyebrows all over the internet.

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Although Sheri admitted that she was “terrified” of her husband after watching the clip, other influencers are poking fun at Lopez’s antics by copying the odd video — chief among them Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, and even Tana Mongeau.

At first, Bryce recreated the humorous video calling out his friend Josh Richards, who referenced the ongoing drama between Yung Gravy and Monty Lopez in a response stitch.

“So I wake up and Monty’s pissed at Yung Gravy because he’s flirting with Addison’s mom, and then Bryce is pissed at me making videos, but I haven’t even flirted with his mom yet!” Josh joked. “So Lisa, what’s up, girl? Holla at your boy real quick!”

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That’s not all; even Tana Mongeau got in on the fun, copying Lopez’s callout video after the two got into a heated feud on the viral video platform.

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Monty had made several derogatory comments about Tana after she’d joked she would “call the police” due to his odd challenge video toward Yung Gravy. Now, it looks like she’s having even more fun with the feud and the internet is here for it, with all the aforementioned videos racking up millions of views.

Even Jack Wright copied Monty’s video, prompting Bryce Hall to comment “This is gonna be a trend” — and honestly, it looks like it’s already happening.

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bryce hall tiktok comment jack wright
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For now, it doesn’t look like Monty Lopez vs Yung Gravy is going to happen… but who knows — stranger influencer matchups have certainly gone viral in the past.