Nintendo Switch users blast EA over “ripoff” FIFA 23 Legacy Edition

Eleni Thomas
Nintendo Switch FIFA 23

Nintendo Switch players looking to pick up the upcoming FIFA 23 game are left behind once again, with EA confirming that the console will be getting the Legacy Edition and with it, no added features or gameplay elements from FIFA 22.

In recent years, each time the Nintendo Switch has received a new FIFA game it has, in essence, gotten a spruced-up version of the previous title. It appears that the same can be said for the upcoming FIFA 23 title.

On the official Nintendo store, the game’s listing includes the following: “FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will feature the same Gameplay features and modes from FIFA 22 Legacy Edition without any new development or significant enhancements.”

Fans are extremely disappointed to hear that this will be the case yet again. One Reddit user even noted how EA has simply copied and pasted the exact same message onto the Nintendo Eshop for the past four years.

In particular, fans are upset that they are still expected to pay full price for the Switch version despite it lacking any new updates or features. Calling out developer EA for their lack of care when it comes to the Nintendo Switch port of each FIFA game.

However, the Switch version of FIFA 23 will include all the added women’s teams, players and World Cup mode. So for those worried that you won’t be able to play as your favourite female players, the Nintendo Switch version will still include that.

As this is the last FIFA game to be developed by EA, future football games developed by the company could make more of an effect to be real, up to date ports rather than rehashing the content from the previous. 

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on September 30, 2022. It also marks the first FIFA game to feature a woman on the cover and will be looking to expand the presence of female football players across the game.

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