Ludwig reveals how much money MrBeast’s video made on his YouTube channel

Dylan Horetski
Ludwig speaking on Mogul Mail
YouTube: Ludwig

Just a week after uploading MrBeast’s $1,000,000 video onto his channel, Ludwig has revealed how much money it has earned after gaining over two million views.

In April 2022, MrBeast left Ludwig stunned after offering to fly him out to North Carolina to be in a video.

Fast forward to August 2, where it was revealed that MrBeast had scrapped the million-dollar video and gifted it to Ludwig to upload on his channel. The video quickly gained popularity and was set to become Lud’s most watched video.

Ludwig has revealed just how little has been earned from the video that cost MrBeast $1,000,000 to create.

Ludwig reveals MrBeast video revenue

During a recent stream, Ludwig shared the stats behind the video he was gifted by MrBeast.

Since August 2 when it was uploaded, it has received over two million views for a total of over 240,000 watch hours. This falls just below Ludwig’s most watched video where JSchlatt appears on Mogul Money which has over five million views.

When it comes to revenue, the video falls quite a bit short of what MrBeast has invested with just $3,838 earned in the week after its upload.

Ludwig explained in the clip that he doesn’t get to keep any of the revenue made from the video, which means that MrBeast will receive a three-thousand dollar return on his one-million dollar video.

“To give me a one million dollar video and also let me keep the money from it would be a little insane,” Ludwig explained.

Either way, it was a fun experiment between the two YouTubers. We’ll have to wait to see if MrBeast gifts a video to another creator again in the future.