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I am writing this review after a year of use of my Essentia mattress. This mattress is very comfortable and I feel really rested after a night there. I love it!!! A huge plus is the customer service. The store manager was very helpful and understood my needs right away.

Claudia P.

Vancouver, BC

Why Try an Essentia Organic Mattress?

Essentia has been a staple in Vancouver for years now, we're very happy to have a home in beautiful Kitsilano. Proudly made in Canada, we invite you to come experience what our organic mattresses and natural memory foam mattresses are all about. Unlike other latex mattresses or natural mattresses in Vancouver, we don’t rely on adding wool to our mattresses to provide comfort. In fact, Essentia’s patented natural memory foam is made using hevea milk and organic ingredients in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory in Montreal. This unique sleep surface is the first to marry performance sleep and health as Essentia’s patented natural memory foam contours to your back for pressure relief, proper spinal alignment, and luxurious comfort.

Renowned for their health and comfort, Essentia mattresses have been featured on the Dragons Den, Good Morning America, The View, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray and more. When you visit our mattress store in Vancouver you will find the full lineup of Essentia mattresses, support pillows, and adjustable foundations. If you’re looking for a luxuriously comfortable and clean sleep experience Essentia in Kitsilano has your perfect mattress.

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Who We Are

Essentia is changing what you know about performance mattresses, as we make the world’s only natural memory foam. Handcrafted in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory, we use only the highest quality natural and organic component to ensure your mattress isn’t introducing toxins to your bedroom for a clean sleep environment. Our patented technologies make it the only mattress that addresses the 6 key elements of whole-body recovery including Accelerated Recovery, Optimized Sleep, Proper Postures, Sleeping Up to Seven Degrees Cooler, Organically Clean, and Allergy Friendly. There’s a reason professional athletes and wellness experts alike love Essentia, and that’s because we have been the only mattress to successfully marry performance, comfort, and health for the ultimate sleep experience.

Certified Essentia Sleep Experts

When you visit Essentia in Vancouver, you will be met by our friendly and knowledgeable sleep experts. Laura will be happy to help answer all of your sleep concerns and guide you to the Essentia model that best fits your needs and budget. We’ll be happy to show you why Essentia was named the World’s Healthiest Mattress by Delos. Essentia is also proud to be an alliance member of the Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab, and work closely with the wellness industry’s leading voices such as Deepak Chopra. Essentia’s top of the line organic performance mattresses are also allergy-friendly as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Authentic Shopping Experience

Shopping at Essentia Vancouver means you benefit from the best offer available for an Essentia natural memory foam mattress. As you are dealing directly with Essentia, you will also find in-store exclusive offerings along with Essentia’s 120-Night Sleep Trial, 20-Year Warranty on mattresses, Free Shipping on all orders and even Free White-Glove Delivery with adjustable base purchases. Our showrooms are meant to put you at ease while learning all about healthy sleep in a relaxing environment.

Store Reviews

I miss this mattress every time I leave my house. Is it expensive, yes; Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. As a business owner waking up recharged is worth the price every morning. The staff was awesome!
- Jody; Vancouver, BC
I have had the mattress for 8 years now and still love it. There are no sags or indentations in the mattress and it looks exactly like it did on the day it was delivered. No complaints here!
- Johanna; Vancouver, BC
Great knowledgeable sales staff and a great product! It took a month or so for my body to acclimate to the mattress but once it did I am getting much better sleep than I had been in the past.
- Kim; Vancouver, BC


Please be mindful as we continue to practice social distancing. Masks are required for both customers and associates at all times in the store.

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